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    ZIP.DRAPE Drapery Panel System

    Nothing has rocked the window treatment world like Zip.Drape, a new and revolutionary ready-to-hang, custom drapery panel system, since the invention of battery-powered motors.


    Zip.Drape was designed by an experienced interior designer and drapery manufacturer who realized that there was a need in the market for ready made drapes that are easy to assemble and adjust the length. Her clients would ask to remake or shorten their drapes whenever they moved because the drapes no longer fit the new windows. Developing a drapery panel system that would allow you to interchange panels and adjust the length of the drapes took three years in the making. After finding the right fabric, color selection, and flexible nylon zippers, Zip.Drape was created.

    The adjustable length curtain


    Zip.Drape is an adjustable length curtain that is made from sun and water resistant fabric suitable for indoor windows or outdoor patios and lanais. The ready made drapes are constructed by connecting 50” wide x 24” long panels with flexible nylon zippers that are concealed with a flange creating a contemporary feel.

    How Zip.Drape Works

    1. First, select a Topper style and color (White or Cream).
      Topper panels come in two (2) styles, Pocket or Grommet, that can create 4 different header options.
    2. Determine the finished length of your drapery panel in multiples of 24” L. This will determine the number of Extension panels you will need to complete the design. Make sure to include the 24″ of your Topper in the overall length.
    3. Select the Extension panels in the colors of your choosing.
    4. Assemble the panels by connecting them with the hidden flexible zippers.
    5. Hang your Zip.Drape using the Header option of your choosing.

    Each Topper and Extension package contains two (2) panels, one for each side of your window for a complete window treatment.

    The Topper panels were designed to be easily hung and have the ability to be configured in several different ways: rod pocket, loop pleat, rings with drapery hooks, and grommet headings. The Extension panels are easily zipped to the Topper and to each other allowing you to adjust the length of your drapes in 24″ increments.

    With interchangeable color panels and a variety of header options, Zip.Drape is a quick and creative way to update your room or patio decor. Change out a few panels to give your room a fresh look or color block for the seasons. 

    Design Yours Today

    Use their step-by-step online order form to build your custom Zip.Drape. Their online form walks you through the selection of your Topper style and color and Extensions in the colors of your choosing.

    This is not a sponsored post. We simply love this product!

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    Save the Sea on Land at the Naples Zoo

    Washed Ashore at the Naples Zoo

    Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens, Naples, Florida

     The Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens here in Naples, Florida—a half mile from our house—is hosting an upcycled art installation throughout its’ walkways, Washed Ashore:  Art to Save the Sea until April 21, 2019.

    Founded by Angela Haseltine Pozzi, an artist and teacher from Oregon, Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea manifests her passion for protecting the oceans and educating a global audience about plastic pollution in oceans and waterways to spark positive changes in consumer habitats.

    Since the project began in 2010, thousands of pounds of trash have been removed from beaches. That trash was then processed into more than 70 works of art, which travel the country to raise awareness about the plight of the world’s oceans and marine life.

    This exhibit is extremely poignant here in Southwest Florida, as our waterways—mainly the Gulf of Mexico—continually fight red tide, blue-green algae blooms and runoff pollution created by man-made toxins.

    All of the sculptures are of animals affected by plastic pollution. The Naples Zoo has 11 pieces on display throughout the zoo’s walkways. Each one magnificent with tiny, fun touches you only see if you stop and study the details.

    What you can now do to help

    • NO PLASTIC SHOPPING BAGS: Use a reusable shopping bag whenever possible.
    • SKIP THE STRAWS: Many states are banning plastic straws, but if offered—skip it!
    • AVOID SINGLE-SERVE CONTAINERS: Recycle it, don’t trash it.
    • USE A REFILLABLE WATER BOTTLE: Skip the bottled water!

    You won’t find plastic bags, straws or lids at the Naples Zoo.
    The Zoo is keeping wildlife safe by not using these items!

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