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    ZIP.DRAPE Drapery Panel System

    Nothing has rocked the window treatment world like Zip.Drape, a new and revolutionary ready-to-hang, custom drapery panel system, since the invention of battery-powered motors.


    Zip.Drape was designed by an experienced interior designer and drapery manufacturer who realized that there was a need in the market for ready made drapes that are easy to assemble and adjust the length. Her clients would ask to remake or shorten their drapes whenever they moved because the drapes no longer fit the new windows. Developing a drapery panel system that would allow you to interchange panels and adjust the length of the drapes took three years in the making. After finding the right fabric, color selection, and flexible nylon zippers, Zip.Drape was created.

    The adjustable length curtain


    Zip.Drape is an adjustable length curtain that is made from sun and water resistant fabric suitable for indoor windows or outdoor patios and lanais. The ready made drapes are constructed by connecting 50” wide x 24” long panels with flexible nylon zippers that are concealed with a flange creating a contemporary feel.

    How Zip.Drape Works

    1. First, select a Topper style and color (White or Cream).
      Topper panels come in two (2) styles, Pocket or Grommet, that can create 4 different header options.
    2. Determine the finished length of your drapery panel in multiples of 24” L. This will determine the number of Extension panels you will need to complete the design. Make sure to include the 24″ of your Topper in the overall length.
    3. Select the Extension panels in the colors of your choosing.
    4. Assemble the panels by connecting them with the hidden flexible zippers.
    5. Hang your Zip.Drape using the Header option of your choosing.

    Each Topper and Extension package contains two (2) panels, one for each side of your window for a complete window treatment.

    The Topper panels were designed to be easily hung and have the ability to be configured in several different ways: rod pocket, loop pleat, rings with drapery hooks, and grommet headings. The Extension panels are easily zipped to the Topper and to each other allowing you to adjust the length of your drapes in 24″ increments.

    With interchangeable color panels and a variety of header options, Zip.Drape is a quick and creative way to update your room or patio decor. Change out a few panels to give your room a fresh look or color block for the seasons. 

    Design Yours Today

    Use their step-by-step online order form to build your custom Zip.Drape. Their online form walks you through the selection of your Topper style and color and Extensions in the colors of your choosing.

    This is not a sponsored post. We simply love this product!

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    Naples Best Dressed Fine Furniture: Plantation Shutters

    Naples Bay Shutters

    Gone with the Wind

    Left: Clarke Gable and Vivien Leigh’s “Gone with the Wind” (notice the shutters behind them!); Right: Carol Burnett and Harvey Korman’s  (and my favorite) “Went with the Wind”

    Shutters have forever had their origins associated with the rise of the Historic South, casting vivid images of old, magnificent cotton plantation homes, Georgian wrap-around front porches, and Gone with the Wind, of course I always tend to instantly flash to Carol Burnett’s Went with the Wind myself. While shutters were popular during that era, they actually date back to Ancient Greece.

    Shutters in Ancient Greece

    Ancient Greece Shutters

    Originally designed out of marble as a luxury for the Greek aristocracies, their function is the same as it is today, thousands of years later – provide light, sun and temperature control.  With the rise of the Roman Empire, window shutters began to spread into Western Europe as one of the first interior design trends.  King Louis XIV of France is rumored to have insisted on their presence in his domicile; shutters enabled the royal women to nap comfortably without shutting out air circulation and allowed the cooks to control the sunlight heating up the kitchen.

    As craftsmen improved design and function, paneled and louvered styles – similar to the modern interior shutter – emerged out of cosmopolitan areas such as Italy.  By the 18th and 19th centuries, shutters were being used in American homes, particularity in the South, where they acquired their new name, “Plantation Shutters.”  Known for their elegance, grandeur and practical use, shutters became an integral part of both interior and exterior design.

    Today, Plantation shutters are considered fine furniture and a mark of discerning style and sophistication.  Interior shutters still provide design, privacy, and light control as they have through history, but they also enhance the value of a home. Like any home investment, only products of exceptional quality will provide long-term value and increase appreciation.


    Naples Bay Shutters

    Naples Bay Shutters

    Naples Bay Shutters

    Naples Bay Shutters

    At Naples Bay Blinds & Shutters, we believe the best shutter is the result of meticulous management of each step in its creation.  Every step—research and development, product design, raw materials sourcing, handcrafting, quality control, and even packaging—are carried out with one goal, to bring you matchless quality, durability, and long-term value in your investment.  One of our salespeople will bring our full-line showcase of premium custom shutters. No matter what size, shape and color—we have you covered.


    Call 239.595.2243 or email Naples Bay Blinds & Shutters for a free in-home appointment today.


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    NAPLES BAY BLINDS & SHUTTERS: Leading the Way in Custom Window Treatments

    At Naples Bay Blinds & Shutters, LLC, we pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality window treatments with superior service, impeccable installation and complete client satisfaction.

    We offer top manufacturers including Norman, Hunter Douglas, A Better Blind, Horizons by B&W, and Unique for a wide variety of Plantation shutters, sunscreen shades, honeycomb shades, Roman shades, wooden blinds, verticals…and much, much more!

    We believe and are committed to:

    Exceptional Quality

    At Naples Bay Blinds & Shutters, we know the importance of providing the highest-quality shutters, blinds and shades. We only partner with the leading manufacturers to ensure our clients receive the best products possible on the market.

    Exemplary Service
    We believe our clients deserve the very best we can give. We pride ourselves in expertly delivering personalized service for each and every order. We are relentless in our goal in ensuring you are completely satisfied, have had an extraordinary experience and are delighted with your new Naples Bay Blinds & Shutters purchase.

    Experienced Installers 
    Prompt and courteous, each one of our professional installers has over 30 years experience leveling, drilling, balancing and fastening the full gamut of our product catalogue and fully-custom pieces – ensuring your order is impeccably delivered.

    Serving All of Southwest Florida 
    Whether you live in Naples, Bonita Springs, Estero, Fort Myers or on Marco Island, Naples Bay Blinds & Shutters brings the showroom to you!  We are ready to meet you in your home, at your convenience to expertly provide a solution that fits your style and needs.

    Company Overview

    Mr. Vertical

    Formerly Mr. Vertical / Florida Interiors of Naples

    Originally from Greenwich, Connecticut, Ann and Joe Arciere, Sr. began Mr. Vertical/Florida Interior of Naples in 1982. For over 25 years, the Arciere Family built a longstanding reputation for what is now Naples Bay Blinds & Shutters based upon trust, integrity and craftsmanship as the region’s leading authority in window treatment needs.

    Today, Naples Bay Blinds & Shutters is still based in Naples, Florida headed by the new president, Amy B. Perrault. A New England native named Western Massachusetts’ Top 25 Women to Watch and Hartford, Connecticut’s 40 Under Forty, Amy has over 20 years design, marketing and style experience, providing our clients a luxe concierge for their blind, shutter and shade needs with keen eye for detail, sophistication and passion for making their houses a home.

    From left, Ann Arciere, Amy B. Perrault, and Joe Arciere, Sr.

    From left, Ann Arciere, Amy B. Perrault, and Joe Arciere, Sr.

    Naples Bay Blinds & Shutters is still dedicated to its founding mission – the most important windows in Southwest Florida are yours.

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